Complaints Policy for Members

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Here’s how you can complain​
  • What we’ll do and when
  • Relevant contacts
  • What steps you may take if your not satisfied?
  • Which contact information is required?


Our goal is to act morally and achieve the most equitable result for our members. Our complaints policy is intended to help you get the best result by giving you the opportunity to communicate with the most pertinent contacts in a timely manner.

Here's how you can complain

We are available to you at all times to hear out, comprehend, and collaboratively address your concerns. The most effective method of lodging a complaint is through the feedback forms that are available at each of our branch receptions. Please proceed to the section on club feedback. Additionally, you can voice your complaints in person at the club, over the phone, or via email.

In the Gym

If you have any complaints after visiting one of our gym, we strive to maintain an atmosphere where you can express them to the staff without feeling awkward. Kindly explain your concerns to a team member in private. The team member will try to deal with your problem. If they are unable to do so, they will ask you to discuss it with the relevant head of the department.

In person or over the phone

If you do not wish to speak with a member of the gym team, please call our head office on +92 335 9789336

What we’ll do and when

The team member you have spoken with will take responsibility for handling your complaint once they have received it. They will look into your request and contact all of the relevant Ginnastic Arena contacts. After they are done examining the matter, they will contact you again to discuss the recommended action. Within 48 hours, we hope to have this resolved for you.

Relevant contacts

The relevant head of department will depend on the category of your complaint:

  • Service levels and/or standards – Club head of operations
  • Club facility (equipment/fixtures and fittings) Club head of operations
  • Group Exercise – Club head of exercise experience
  • Personal Training – Club personal training manager
  • Freeze, cancellations or payments – Club head of membership

What steps you may take if your not satisfied?

You should take the following steps to escalate your complaint if you are not satisfied with the suggested resolution or result:

Any complaints sent to/received by our Executive Team/ Directors will be handed over to our Head Office Customer Service Manager.

Which contact information is required?

Depending on the category of your complaint, you will provide us with the contact information. Contact information is provided below for your convenience.

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